Sundar Seth

Awareness means that whatsoever is happening in the moment is happening with complete consciousness; you are present there.

If you are aware and present – and anger  is happening – which means – either you are not aware or  you are fast asleep.   Likewise, any emotions that dwindle you, if its happening to you – without you knowing it  – then you are caught up with unawareness.

You have been trying to change many things in you. Have you succeeded?

How many times have you decided not to be angry again?

How many times have we decided to quit smoking, quit drinking ?

How many times have we said to ourselves to reduce our waistline ?

How many times—-this ? how many times —that?

What happened to these  decisions?

Let’s take anger for a moment – When the moment comes we  are again in the same trap: we  become angry, and after the anger has gone, again you repent. It has become a vicious circle: we  commit anger and then we  repent, then we  are ready again to commit it.

Remember, even while we are repenting we  are not there; that repentance is also part of sin. That’s why nothing happens. We go on trying and trying and we  take many decisions and we take many vows, but nothing happens – we remain the same.