Sundar Seth

Life is all about moods.  We say, I love you in the morning, and the same evening, there is a great battle.  Does that mean , love did not exist ? or was it false love.   The fact of the matter is , it was true to the moment- that moment, we felt  in love, the other moment, we felt like just the opposite.

One night Mulla Nasruddin’s wife said, “You no longer love me, you no longer kiss, you no longer hug me. Remember when you were courting me? — you used to bite me and I loved that very much! Can’t you bite me once more?” Nasruddin got out of his bed, started walking. His wife said, “Where are you going?”
He said, “To the bathroom to get my teeth.”

When we are in our youthful stage, our moods are quite different.  As we become old, our moods are not that vibrant.  In 20′s, life is full of sex and jokes.  In 40′s sex itself is a joke !   –

What do we need to do if we have    inability to sleep …the answer is , there is no need to relax.  With long walks, two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening, with making them sweat in the outside, rest automatically happens  Do not give your body and mind any idling time – gazing at the computer or  flipping channels, or  doing things that you know are to kill boredom. We don’t need pills or techniques for keeping the mind relaxed.  Keep it occupied physically, then you will see yourself relaxed and sleep automatically happens.

Illness is not bad: it is through illness that you regain health. Its through Illness, you get scared of life and start making decisions that can help you regain your health.