Sundar Seth

In-person interactions are inevitable but obviously now difficult in the direct selling business. There is an increase in digital and contactless methods such as online shopping and store pickup/ delivery, etc. Consumer spending has also shifted to value essentials to favour their health and well-being including health/ wellness goods and better-for-you foods. Consumers are more active in managing their health, researching brands before purchasing, and focusing on budgeting/spending appropriately. This trend poses favourable opportunities but challenges in quickly adapting for many businesses. Now here is the silver lining of resilience to weather this storm.

1. As many jobs are displaced, aggressive recruitment can position direct sales as an attractive career opportunity.

2. WFH flexibility coupled with the imminent need to make ends meet as an alternative source of income will also be a welcoming factor.

3. While direct sales are all about one call closing, they lack the ability to effectively farm a customer.The ability to convert the suspect to a customer in just one call requires impeccable skill . This paradigm has to change by focusing on what the recurring needs are through constant interaction.

4. We continuously receive the “how did we do” survey emails from companies post interaction—sale, customer service call, a store visit, etc. Likewise, encouraging customers to offer proper feedback, and working on them can make a world of difference in setting the sight. Consumer spending has changed as people are more loyal to businesses that support their safety and provide value. Focus on your repeat customers.

5. eCommerce as a separate line of business.

6. Proactive reminders – using technology as an ally to create alerts, reminders for delivery, and creating touch points.

7. Creating tools and digital support to help sell virtually. You can engage many e-learning companies to develop a platform of training tools and digital assets, including product training to demonstrations.

8. A subscription model is an excellent alternative and a better safety net as you keep adding the product line and create an ARPU (average revenue per user/ customer).

9. Also, opening the geographical barriers and allowing these distributors to sell to a more extensive customer base using these online platforms. Order taking and fulfilment of delivery can be through simple woocommerce extensions and distribution centres.Bottom-line – Direct selling trains and develops its members to wear all hats and do extreme multitasking. There are many unused arsenals up their sleeves that they are not aware of but can do a world of good to their future during these unprecedented times.