Sundar Seth

Deal with the difficult while it is easy…. Deal with the big while yet

Deal with things moment to moment, don’t let them pile up within you. Don’t accumulate. Life is really beautiful. It becomes ugly. It is not a problem. Every problem is SO SMALL that it is foolish to call life a problem. It is not a problem for the trees, it is not a problem for the birds, it is not a problem for the earth, for the sky, it is only a problem for man, because only man has learned a trick – the trick of postponement. Then small things become bigger. Then a moment comes when you cannot cope with them. Then YOU become so small and the problem is so big, it is almost impossible to cope with it, then you always carry its burden on your head. And with that much burden, how can you enjoy? how can you delight? how can you celebrate? how can you dance?

Everything difficult has a phase when it is easy, if you are alert you will know it. It is very easy to destroy a seed, it is very difficult to destroy a big tree.

And everything is small and easy in the present. If you don’t postpone everything is easy and small.

You are powerful enough to change it, to transform it. But if you say: I will see to it tomorrow; if you say: There is no hurry; if you take it easy and you say: Some day when I have enough time I will see to the problem; then the problem will meanwhile grow and take root.

Don’t postpone it, because then you will not be able to do much about it. That’s what you have been doing up to now.

Everything is simple if you take it rightly in the beginning. But don’t think that it is simple, and don’t think that it is easy, because if you think that it is easy there will be a tendency to postpone – such an easy thing, why bother now? It can be done tomorrow. Things are easy, but you think they are very difficult; tackle them immediately otherwise they will become difficult.

Everybody is capable of solving his problems. Everybody HAS to be capable. When you are capable of creating problems who else is going to be capable of solving them? You create, you can solve.