Sundar Seth

Are you wondering why you your customer is not loyal to you?

Does your customer think you are merely the supplier of a commodity?

Do they treat you like just another ‘disposable paper cup” ?

When he talks to you, does he not see anything valuable in the services you provide?

Does it seem to look like he doing you a favor?

If the customer does not think of you as trusted partner / advisor, then you have tasks on hand.  The benefits of forming a key account partnership.  First the mindset has to be changed. You need to understand the importance of forming deeper account centric relationships.  The reasons are many

  1. Identifying new customer and building business from a new customer is extremely difficult, time consuming and challenging.  A known devil is better than an unknown angel.
  2. You can potentially eliminate competition, thus , the pie is yours to take thus helping your company increase revenue , profits and you benefit from it
  3.  If you understand the following realities  Customers are well informed, smarter, and always someone else is  hungry and ready to take your business.  Besides these qualities, they come intimidating with lowered price, attitude, and demanding, egoistic, high expectations.

What is the solution: –

Either move out of the profession or sharpen your skills.

Remember, ultimately, this customer has to buy- the question is :- is he buying it from you.  And to make him buy from you, it’s no rocket science.

All you need to do is to come with an attitude of learning and practice.  You will see the same customer who turned his back will smilingly accept your service and give you business.