Sundar Seth

Change is difficult. What is certain is CHANGE. rest is all uncertain.

Why is it difficult for us to change

Because we create routines in the way we do things .Our approach to life often follows a set pattern which makes us be in our comfort zone.  The moment these routines are challenged, we resist.  Be it at the corporate level or at personal level, the moment change happens , it becomes an unfamiliar terrain and we do not want to tame this terrain

How do we handle this

Patience, Acceptance, being Open and being aware ….if we keep resisting to ideas and do not challenge ourselves, we will be pushed to the corner of negative influences that will become detrimental to our growth

Do not swim against the with the flow..see what are the areas you need to improve and focus on them.  Take it easy and one day at a time to transition. Take small steps towards the bigger challenges of change.